The 8 Best Tarot & Oracle Card Decks You Need To Thrive For The Remainder of 2022

Maggie May Wilson
6 min readJul 26, 2022

The cards have spoken and they have some great news — you’re ready for an upgrade!

Pulling cards from a tarot or oracle deck is a form of divination that has been around since the 1st century bc and is a form of energetic communication. Most of our ancestors have been using multiple forms of divination to seek guidance, knowledge, and inspiration from higher consciousness to find out solutions to the problems we see in our own world and the world around us. This is done in a variety of ways including automatic writing, numerology, pendulums, crystal work, and of course tarot cards.

With the increasing popularity of tarot through social media in 2022 including big brands like Mcdonald's offering a tarot reading with a meal, using divination practices daily has become an essential part of a mainstream self-care routine unlike ever before. The hashtag #tarottok sits at 1.2 Billion views as of the end of July and with more decks being published left and right, it’s easy for a novice or expert to find a deck that calls out to them.

How To Use Tarot & Oracle Cards

There is no one size fits for how or what cards to use when you decide to seek guidance. The cards are meant to enhance your own intuitive abilities so having a diverse group of cards is a fantastic way to get multiple perspectives when you are seeking answers. As someone who has written their own oracle deck and spent the last 17 years studying tarot, it is vital that you listen to your gut when reading the cards! Walk into a store or just type “tarot cards” into Amazon and see what grabs your attention.

Here are some of my (and my expert communities) favorite decks, some obscure — some you’ll recognize, and some you might order before you finish the article. Or at least, I hope so!

8. Hot Mess To Goddess Action Cards — Meredith Lynch

Meredith and I met in April 2018 when she booked a tarot reading through my website and the rest is history. She and I continued to work together and grow on separate coasts where she developed the Hot Mess to Goddess Retreat which then produced some of the best ACTION CARDS you will EVER find! Go ahead and shop this deck because you will see immediate change the day they arrive. “Adulting while awakening is hard. These Action Cards are practical energy tools & tips that can easily be accomplished. Choose a few in the morning to give yourself those little daily wins as you clear your energetic clutter. Whether your spiritual practice is non-existent, lulling, or you’re just feeling low — the Hot Mess to Goddess Action Cards are designed to encourage self-care practices, provide accountability, grow self-awareness & celebrate you.” SHOP HERE

7. Dust II Onyx: A Melanated Tarot — Courtney Alexander

The travel edition of the Dust II Onyx tarot deck sits on a table with bright lights and cards from the deck on display.

One of the decks I found early on in the research of my own oracle deck that propelled me into finding my biological father's side of my family was the work I did with this deck. This deck has a personality of its own with images of Kanye, Michelle Obama, and Nicki Minaj, it’s hard not to feel powerful using this deck as a melanated individual. One of the most powerful tools and actual companions — Courtney Alexander really created a compelling deck that helps you ask yourself the hard questions and get the answers you need to take action and really change your life…for good. SHOP HERE

6. Beyond Lemuria — Izzy Ivy

Beyond Lemuria with 4 cards from deck facing up to see art.

“Right now I’m probably obsessed with {this deck}.” — Jamie London Wollberg, Founder of Trannabis Chi. The description for this deck is: {Recall the past, glimpse the future, expand your conscious awareness and step into wholeness. Infused with the loving guidance, practical wisdom, and enlightened insight of Lemuria, this unique oracle deck is here to help you tap into the potent serenity of collective dreaming through wide-eyed introspection, symbolism, and knowledge. Discover Lemuria and reclaim your light, your heart, and your destiny.} If you have strong connections to Atlantis and feel as if you had a past life there, you very well could have also lived in Lemuria. In the original legend of Lemuria, Thoth’s father started the Mystery Schools in the early days of Lemuria and Thoth brought those teaching eventually to Atlantis and then to Kemet (Egypt). SHOP HERE

5. The Starseed Oracle — Rebecca Campbell

The starseed oracle by Rebecca Campbell on white background with cards laying face up.

As soon as you pick up this deck you feel strong energy within it. The box itself is an entire moment to unleash the cards! Created by Rebecca Campbell. “The 53 cards in this oracle are designed to support you on your soul’s path and embody who you truly are. They guide you to connect with the portal to your heart, remember who you are at a soul level, and unlock your soul’s gifts.” SHOP HERE

4. Alchemy Elementals — Shaman Durek

Alchemy Elementals by Shaman Durek and Jason Mcdonald back cover with images of cards inside the deck.

“It’s always accurate! Shaman Dureks personality really shines through the words and deep channelings, while the energetic gifts are bestowed us in collaborations with Jason Mcdonald.” — Jamie London Wollberg. Shaman Durek is a 6th-generation shaman who has devoted his life to bringing a message of transformation and healing to the world. Working with clients from Gwyneth Paltrow to tech giants like Dave Asprey, he has become a well-respected figure in the spiritual community. “Each card of the Alchemy Elementals Deck carries an energetic code, known as a spirit enhancer in the shamanic tradition, designed to deepen your energetic wisdom and grow your spiritual power.” SHOP HERE

3. Threads of Fate Shadow Edition

Threads of Fate oracle deck on display from website.

I don’t know how many times I’ve had Jamie pull cards from me for this deck and I would continue to work with this deck for any situation you need clarity with. Not a deck to work with if you run from accountability, take others for granted, or can’t keep your word because this deck will read you for filth every single time.
“Lifetimes of wisdom live within you and The Shadow Edition invites you to explore that inherent knowing. This deck serves as a steady companion guiding you into a deeper relationship with your intuition, empowerment, and abilities.”

2. The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck — Kim Krans

The Wild Known Archtypes deck and oracle book cover with pastel hues of pink and purple and items of divination around the page including crystals, skulls, candles, and a diamond.

My insanely intuitive friend Alex loves this deck and swears by it! She’s been using it recently alongside another one on the list. The Wild Unknown Archetypes deck includes 78 gorgeous circular oracle cards divided into four suits: The Selves, The Places, The Tools, and The Initiations.” Created by Kim Krans. SHOP HERE

1. The Metaphysical Cannabis Oracle Deck — Maggie Wilson

The Metaphysical Cannabis Oracle Deck and guidebook open on desk with cards placed in a stack in front of slip box cover. Photos of whimisically drawn cannabis leafs surround the cards.

This list isn’t complete without the revolutionary Metaphysical Cannabis Oracle deck. “An oracle is anything that improves one’s connection to all that is life. This includes healing your emotional, spiritual, physical, and metaphysical aspects, it also means knowing your purpose, power, and strength, and shadow, and being friends with each of those parts of yourself.” SHOP HERE

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Logo image of the Metaphysical AF podcast with images of the oracles from The Metaphysical Cannabis Oracle Deck. Available on all streaming platforms with new episodes daily. Best Selling Author of The Metaphysical Cannabis Oracle Deck, Reiki Master, and Chief Marketing Officer for the first Kosher certified cannabis edible, Fruit Slabs, Maggie is the old soul of the Aquarian age, appropriately named ”Healer” by The Wutang Clan. Maggie has a knack for delivering information that empowers you to

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